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Trend Capital
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We are Trend

We learned from the banking system, and it’s time to outdo it.

We are a corporation, with a non-banking financial purpose, focused on companies that require an agile, close and transparent service.


When we rate your company, you can be operating on the same day. And we keep working after bank closes.


No call center or answering machine, you call your account officer’s cell phone.


We are audited, rated and all our operations are by mail and invoice.

Trend Capital

We are Trend Capital, since 2013, we have been providing our clients with fluency in the processes that involve financing their working capital, through new technologies and with the bespoke service they deserve, bringing them closer to satisfying experiences they had not found in the financial system so far. In 2021, with the goal of expansion and continuous growth, we created Trend SGR to accompany the SME Guaranteed Market, and in 2022, we reached Uruguay offering innovation in financial services with the opening of our office in Carrasco, Montevideo.

We invite you to leave bureaucracy behind and move forward.

Our team

Mariano Antonovich

Vanesa Liefeldt

Alan Antonovich

Matias Swiczar


Santiago Correa

Yanina Krivopisk

Guido Schapira

Leonardo Pagani

Gerardo Longatti

Liliana Rizzi

Osvaldo Granavetter

Ignacio Priegue

Agustín Gattás